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 List Your Site in the World Art Directory

Gain exposure for your work by Listing your site in the World Art Directory. We are dedicated to providing quality traffic for those sites listed in this directory. This site is supported by a one time nominal fee assessed for the purpose of maintaining the directory. Your listing is maintained for the lifetime of your site and may remain as long as it is active and art related. You are welcome to make changes in your listing as needed. We reserve the right to edit or refuse any submissions. You will receive a full refund if your site is not approved.

If you have questions or if we can be of assistance please e-mail us at admin@artistsonline.biz or you may reach us by phone at 325 315 1717.  After submitting payment through PayPal.com you will be provided a form to complete that will provide us the information needed to list your site in the World Art Directory. We offer 2 plans for listing your site.

Plan B
Choose this plan if you want your site listed in up two categories and do not wish to link back to the World Art Directory. Your site will be listed at the top of the page in each section where it will remain until another site has been added at which time, those previously listed will move down the page.  As an additional bonus, your site be added to the Newly Listed Sites category.

Cost for Plan B Listing: One Time Fee of  $25.00
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Plan A
Choose this option if you want your site to be listed in only one category in the directory and are willing to return a link to World Art Directory as a reciprocal link is required. The reciprocal link can be placed on your main page or on your 'links' page, but should be visible on your site. (Choose Plan B if you are unable to link back to us or if you are interested in having your site listed in more than one category.)

Cost for Plan A Listing: One Time Fee of $15.00.

 Your link to WorldArtDirecotry.com should be posted on your site previous to submission to the directory.
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Rules for submission to World Art Directory:
  • DO NOT submit pornographic sites.

  • DO NOT submit sites that are not completed or are under construction.

  • DO NOT use upper case to highlight a title.

If linking back to World Art Directory, you may use the following text or image link:

HTML source  code for the image link:
 <a href="http://worldartdirectory.com/"><img border="0" src="world-art-directory.jpg" width="189" height="68"></a>


HTML source for a text link only:

<a HREF="http://www.WorldArtDirectory.com">World Art Directory - Guide to Art and Artists on the Web.</a>

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