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Abstract Painting


Modern Textured Palette knife Paintings and Prints by Susanna Shap
Original Fine Art by Contemporary Artist Susanna Shap An online store of my original paintings and fine art prints on canvas, metal and acrylic.
Gallagher, Martin
Martin Gallagher is a painter of abstract landscapes and figures in acrylic and oil. 
Goodridge, Carolyn S.
Abstract art done in oils, watercolors and acrylics. Powerful images to feed the soul.
Koehler, John 
Contemporary abstract paintings by Chicago based artist John Koehler. Includes artist's statement, biography and list of upcoming exhibitions.
Lannoo, Marie 
Full-time abstract painter and visual artist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada since 1984. Images, biography, and exhibitions.
Poteet Abstracts
Nonrepresentational and other abstract art in oil on canvas.
Ries, Martin
A selection of artwork from figurative to abstract expressionism (1940 - 2000), in various techniques.
Soika, Karin Ulrike 
Informal abstract painting using vibrating colors and line.
Valentino, Steven 
Enter the abstract expressionistic mind of an emotionally driven artist. 

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